Engine Rebuilds

Rebuild and reconditioning for classic engines, including modernisation & upgrades

Should an engine need an overhaul, we have experience in tackling a wide range of engine rebuilds from basic pushrod in-line four cylinders found in classic British cars, to more modern and exotic Italian quad cam V12's.

First of all we carry out a borescope inspection, leakdown and compression tests prior to strip down of the engine and all tolerances checked to the manufacturers specification during disassembly. Every single component part is then checked and measured against the manufacturers tolerance to determine suitability for repair, re-use or if corrective machining works are required.

We then hot wash, ultrasonic clean and media/vapour blast all components as required to ensure they look 'box fresh', and also check all ancillary parts such as fuel injectors, carburettors, starter motor, alternator and the distributor.

After machining, we thoroughly measure all components and re-assemble the engine, ensuring manufacturers/ customers tolerances are within specification as required. We then have the capability to test the finished article on our purpose built engine run stand before it is sealed and wrapped up, to ensure the engine is ready to re-fit to the vehicle.

Engine Tuning

From pre-war SU or Solex carburettors, to a more modern Weber or Dellorto, Bosch mechanical fuel injection or even fitting a fully mappable ECU, we can help.

Our workshop is fully equipped with a range of specialist tuning tools for various carburettors/injection systems, including a modern Snap-On gas analyser and Innovate LM-2 wide band lambda system to allow data logging/tuning of the fuel system to the required specification.

Prior to carrying out any tuning we always fully inspect and test the fuel system including using a borescope camera inside the fuel tank to check for internal corrosion which could cause blockages, inspection of the fuel lines/filters, checking the fuel delivery pressure and inspecting the carburettor itself prior to adjusting to base settings.

We then check/set the valve clearances and cam timing as required, check/set the ignition timing and check the spark plug condition/electrode gaps to ensure the engine is ready for tuning.

It is also strongly recommend that on any overhaul or check/tune that the distributor is converted to a high quality electronic ignition system if not already fitted - we can supply/fit these conversions if required.

Engine Inspection & Tuning Services Pricing

Engine Inspection

From £200 inc VAT

A full internal inspection including assessment of the pistons, cylinders and valves with our 180 degree borescope.

Leakdown and compression testing to assess cylinder leakage from the piston rings, valves and head gasket to assess engine wear.

This inspection is an ideal starting point prior to tuning, or before an engine is stripped down to assess the internal condition and determine required repairs.

Fuel Injection Check & Tune

From £300 inc VAT

Check and tune of the fuel injection system, from Bosch D/K/L/LE jetronic systems from the 60s - 90s era, as fitted to various VW/Audi/Mercedes and BMW vehicles.

Assessment of the internal condition of the fuel tank/entire fuel system.

Checking all specified fuel pressures with specialist test equipment against manufacturer specification.

Check electrical systems/cold start operation and set up on gas analyser/wideband lambda system.

Carburettor Check & Tune

From £400 inc VAT

Check and tune of carburettor style engines - price varies depending on number of carburettors and carburettor type.

Assessment of the internal condition of the fuel tank and entire fuel system including delivery pressure.

Checking/setting valve clearances and cam timing as required, check/set ignition timing, check spark plug condition/gaps.

Inspection of carburettor condition and set to basic settings, balance carburettors and set mixture using gas analyser/wideband lambda system.