Full Vehicle Restoration

Restoration and overhaul of vehicles from pre-war to classic, retro and 'future classics'

Our vehicle restoration process ensures a thorough overhaul of the entire car down to every nut, bolt, washer and split-pin. Many vehicles are now due or overdue a restoration, and often it is not clear just what is required since many are now MOT exempt. This is why we strongly recommend that all vehicles are inspected upon arrival regardless of the scope of works requested. This allows us to guide the owner through the best strategy for repair and find any hidden issues, or to advise if a full restoration is required.

By using a mix of traditional and modern techniques, a wide range of specialist equipment and also the latest products and materials, we would expect a fully restored vehicle to generally far exceed the original manufacturer's fit and finish, and benefit from significantly improved anti-corrosion protection, protecting the investment in any restoration.

Each step of the restoration is recorded in great detail, including many hundreds of photographs all uploaded periodically to a private Google Photo's album, records of each product used throughout the entire body restoration process carefully documented, and quality control checks carried out at each major step of the process. This ensures no stone is left unturned and an excellent end result.

Following our fastidious and highly detailed process, we are able to overhaul a vehicle from start to finish completely in-house, and guarantee quality of all elements without the need for outsourcing.

Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements, so we can get the wheels in motion on your restoration!

Conversions & Modifications

Conversions, modifications and 'restomod' builds - from a simple electronic ignition upgrade, to a custom power steering installation or complete re-imagination of your vehicle

Whilst keeping a vehicle as original as possible has its merits and certainly pleases the purist, we strongly believe that it would be worthwhile taking advantage of many decades worth of technological improvements to improve a classic or retro vehicle so it can be more reliable, keep up with modern traffic, be easier to drive with additions such as power steering, and most importantly stop better!

We have experience upgrading engines and carrying out bespoke engine conversions, gearbox conversions such as replacing an aging 4 speed with a modern 6 speed type, upgrading steering and braking systems to make the vehicle more practical to use, and even converting road going vehicles to be competition ready including fitting of roll cages and all the required safety equipment.

With full in-house engineering facilities, we are capable of carrying out bespoke modifications and vehicle builds from start to finish and can provide a full consultation service to help design and plan your project from the ground up.

Please do get in touch and share your ideas.

Inspection Services Pricing

Full Vehicle Inspection

£300 inc VAT (fixed price)

Inspection of the entire vehicle to assess for repair or restoration.

Hundreds of photographs of the vehicle added to a private Google Photos album.

A highly detailed multi-page report of the vehicle condition - suitable for prioritising running repairs, or planning a complete restoration.

Engine Inspection

From £200 inc VAT

A full internal inspection including assessment of the pistons, cylinders and valves with our 180 degree borescope.

Leakdown and compression testing to assess cylinder leakage from the piston rings, valves and head gasket to check the engine for wear.

Engine oil analysis to assess for main and big end bearing wear is available at additional cost.

Full Corrosion/Body Assessment

From £200 inc VAT

Endoscope camera inspection and photographs of inside all enclosed box sections including the vehicle body, chassis, subframes/suspension components.

Removal of trim, bumpers, undertrays, side skirts or other panels to assess the vehicle bodywork in full.

Testing of the paint/filler depth with electronic thickness gauge to determine if any poor previous repairs have been carried out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just repair my vehicle instead of restore it?

This is of course very much dependent on condition! The best way to assess what is required is to book an inspection so we can fully appraise your vehicle. After we have reported back to you with our findings we can discuss the best course of action.

Often, continuous running repairs will present poor value for money and sometimes it is better to 'bite the bullet' and fully restore a vehicle. Should the vehicle not need a restoration we can provide a personalised plan on how to maintain your vehicle and carry out the required repairs labour-efficiently.

How much does a full restoration cost?

This is very much dependent on the vehicle's condition. It can take many hundreds of hours to restore most vehicles and often it can take as much time to restore a car that is worth £25,000 as one that is worth £250,000. Parts costs are often very much brand dependent and on certain projects many items can obsolete and may need to be fabricated (which can dramatically affect the budget).

We recommend a full vehicle inspection as a starting point to provide a guide price, but this can often change during the course of a project (especially in regard to rectification of corrosion).

The restoration of a vehicle is an enjoyable process for the owner to be a part of, and whilst in some cases it can cost more than the vehicle is worth to restore them, seeing your pride and joy being brought back to life is quite the experience!

Can you provide an estimate for my restoration project?

Yes we can provide an estimate for your restoration project, and to do so we will need to carry out a full vehicle inspection at our premises. An estimate is not a quote however, and we always endeavour to keep our customers fully informed if prices vary noticeably beyond the scope of any estimate.

How long does a restoration take?

A restoration can take many months and in some cases years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our restoration work and shall never be rushed when it comes to ensuring our high standards are maintained.

We keep our customers informed of progress periodically and welcome interim visits to discuss and influence their projects during the project.

How long will a restored vehicle last?

A fully restored vehicle is hand finished and each step of the restoration process has been quality checked to ensure each component part is in top condition. We therefore believe that any vehicle that follows our restoration process should last 25+ years if carefully looked after and maintained correctly but of course this is subject to use/wear and tear.

Our bodywork restoration techniques and carefully selected products are designed to provide the best anti-corrosion protection possible within the refinishing market and be far better than originally found on an older vehicle by using epoxy based products. We offer a 5 year anti-corrosion warranty as standard on our bare metal restorations (subject to an on-site inspection of the vehicle body being carried out annually).

Can I carry out a part-restoration?

Many vehicles nowadays are suffering with common age related issues such as perished rubber parts, blocked fuel systems and previous poor quality welding repairs and are in desperate need of rectification and likely a full restoration is the only way to ensure reliability and remove all corrosion from a vehicle.

However, it is sometimes possible to carry out an underbody restoration, or just a restoration of the vehicle bodywork, especially on more modern retro and 'future classics'. See our Underbody Restoration & Protection or Paint Shop sections for more information.

Can I spread the cost of a restoration?

Of course, we invoice our progress each month and can work to a monthly budget if required. We are also able to place the project into storage to provide a payment break if desired or should personal circumstances change.

In addition to our internal solutions, we are able to introduce you to various companies who specialise in financing the restoration of classic and exotic vehicles to help you spread the cost of the works.

Can you re-trim a vehicle's interior?

We are able to re-trim a vehicle's interior for our own restoration projects, but at this stage do not have the capacity to take on any other works for vehicles we are not restoring in-house.

What sort of modifications can you carry out?

We can carry out a wide range of modifications - from basic tasks such as switching points style distributors to electronic electronic ignition, power steering conversions, safety enhancements, fitment of readily available vehicle-specific upgrade kits, all the way through to a full 'restomod' conversion or total re-imagination of your vehicle.

Can you put my vehicle through an IVA test?

Yes, if a vehicle is significantly modified, a kit car or has been imported it may need an IVA. We are able to ensure the specification of the vehicle is DVSA compliant and fully manage this element of the project.

Do you provide a warranty with your restorations?

Yes, we offer a 5 year anti-corrosion warranty on all bare metal restorations, subject to an on-site inspection of the vehicle body being carried out annually. All other elements are covered by a 12 month warranty (extended warranties are available).