Media & Vapour Blasting

Specialists in media & vapour blasting of automotive components - we can blast/paint items from brackets to subframes, gearbox casings & brake calipers

Our in-house blasting and parts restoration capabilities allow us to overhaul vehicle parts efficiently and ensure quality in the end result.

Initially we wash off/de-grease the components either using our large hot wash, ultrasonic cleaner, or pressure washing/de-greasing by hand prior to masking all mating surfaces, threads and all critical machined surfaces before blasting the components.

We can also provide an in-house painting service for all vehicle parts using either 2K direct gloss or water based metallic finishes mixed to any colour/shade, solid colour epoxy direct to metal paints for excellent corrosion resistance, or we can also clearcoat vapour blasted parts to retain the bare metal finish and prevent tarnishing if required.

Specialist finishes such as Cerakote ceramic coatings, and a 'crinkle' effect as found on various Ferrari cam covers can be achieved if required.

We are also able to handle parts blasting/restoration via post - from a small parcel to a pallet of components for a whole vehicle restoration - we can even arrange collection/delivery if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which items can you blast?

We are able to blast a wide variety of automotive components in our cabinets or even in our blast room if required - we do not blast non-automotive components.

If wet blasting steel or iron components, we apply a temporary anti-corrosion coating to the parts to prevent against flash rusting before coating with a 2k direct gloss, epoxy direct to metal paint/clearcoat or sending for powder coating as required.

We do not blast cylinder heads or carburettors in our vapour blaster, instead these items are soda blasted to prevent issues with blockages in small orifices within the components.

Which size items can you blast?

We have the capability to media blast large items in our blast cabinet -
(our cabinet dimensions are 1300mm W x 1300mm D x 850mm H).

For vapour/wet blasting we can also blast a large range of items - (our cabinet is 910mm W x 610mm D x 850mm H).

Larger items that will not fit in our cabinet can be media blasted in our dedicated blast room which is capable of blasting a complete chassis/body of a vehicle (see the 'Vehicle Body & Chassis Blasting' section of the website for more information).

How much will it cost?

Blasting starts from £35 + VAT for smaller items but each set of parts is priced on a case by case basis - please contact us/send pictures for an estimate.

Can I drop off my items for an estimate?

Please arrange an appointment to visit us at our premises so we can ensure a member of our team can provide an estimate for blasting the components before they are left with us.

Can you provide an estimate for blasting parts via pictures/email?

We can often estimate blasting of vehicle parts if you send us an email with multiple pictures and/or videos of the items - please contact us.

When can you book me in?

Please contact us for availability - we can often turn smaller blasting tasks around relatively quickly.

Which media can you use?

We blast items in a wide range of media types subject to the components intended application and can achieve a variety of surface finishes to suit the customer's requirements.

We can use a coarser media such as aluminium oxide for heavy duty cleaning in either our dry blast or vapour blast cabinets, or an ultra fine media to just polish the surface of the component when vapour blasting such as glass bead.