Vehicle Body & Chassis Blasting

With our large on-site blast room, we are capable of media blasting an entire vehicle bodyshell/chassis back to bare metal, ready for fabrication/repair

When planning a full restoration of any vehicle, it is essential to take the body/chassis back to bare metal to fully assess its condition and develop a strategy for repair. It also allows an epoxy primer to be applied to seal in the bare metal and provide an anti-corrosion barrier to ensure the paint job will stand the test of time and last for many years to come.

Having had bad experiences with dipping vehicles previously, we decided to set up our own blast facility to allow us to process our own and other's restoration projects efficiently from strip down in to the fabrication phase.

We are able to offer collection and delivery of vehicles for blasting, and welcome both retail and trade customers alike.

What is your process for blasting?

  • Initially, we mount the vehicle on to a rollover jig before washing it off thoroughly and then inspecting all enclosed box sections/cavities with a borescope camera. If any sections will need removal/modification to blast effectively this will be discussed with the customer at this stage.
  • We then remove any underbody sealant/sealer applied to the vehicle after carefully photographing and measuring each area, to allow the original sealer finish to be replicated if required.
  • Once all the sealer is removed, we then blast the vehicle with a variety of different media (subject to application) and then remove all dust/grit from the vehicle before leaving the blast bay.
  • Next, we de-grease the vehicle body multiple times and apply either a temporary weld-through bodywork primer to prevent corrosion during the fabrication stage, or if minimal/no fabrication is required we apply an anti-corrosion epoxy primer to seal in the bare metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size vehicles can you blast?

We have the capability to blast the largest of classic cars, even as big as an American pickup truck - we do not blast other miscellaneous items or commercial vehicles.

How will you prevent panel warpage?

We carefully blast each vehicle at a low pressure as required to achieve an even finish and minimise the risk of warpage.

In some cases we have to manually strip paint/remove coatings to avoid causing damage on large flat panels without reinforcement to ensure no unnecessary rectification work is required after blasting.

Can I collect the vehicle in bare metal or does it need to be primed first?

We strongly recommend that all vehicles are primed before transportation - it is far safer for the longevity of the restoration if the vehicle is immediately placed in to a temporary weld-through or epoxy primer - please contact us for more information.

Which media do you use?

We use a range of fine abrasives that minimise the risk of panel warpage and deformation (subject to each application), the media we use also provides light resistance to flash rusting.

How much will it cost?

Due to the continuously fluctuating costs of materials including blast media and primer, along with the size of the vehicle and how much strip down and preparation is required - we can only price each job on a case by case basis - please contact us for an estimate.

Can you provide an estimate for blasting a vehicle/panels via pictures/email?

We can often estimate blasting of a complete vehicle/its panels if you send us an email with multiple pictures and/or videos of the items - please contact us.

Can you collect/deliver my vehicle?

We have our own covered vehicle transporter and can provide a quotation for transport - please contact us for more information.

When can you book me in?

Please contact us for availability - we often have a waiting list for blasting of vehicles so book a slot early to avoid disappointment/holding up your project.