Paint & Body Shop

From a minor accident repair to a full re-paint or restoration, we strive to achieve the highest of standards, and the best anti-corrosion protection possible

Our experienced staff are well versed with carrying out repairs and restorations on both premium brand and prestige vehicles. We aim to tailor our work to suit your requirements, although we will never make any compromise on quality of the end result.

On every job (no matter how small) we always take the time needed to ensure a perfect colour match, excellent panel fit, along with polishing each panel to a restoration standard with a deep gloss.

Our body repair process is designed to ensure long lasting repairs from the ground up, with all bare metal sealed with an epoxy primer to provide the best possible anti-corrosion protection before any filler work/shaping is carried out - creating an effective barrier between the bare metal and products/paint on top to ensure a long lasting finish and prevent rust.

We are also fully equipped with on-site paint mixing schemes, allowing us to tint/match any colour in either water based, 2K direct gloss or even cellulose paints as required.

For more in-depth repairs, our in-house fabrication shop is able to fit and fabricate replacement panels and also carry out collision repair work on one of our Celette chassis jigs if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit for an estimate?

Please arrange an appointment to visit us at our premises so we can assess the vehicle to provide an accurate estimate.

Can you provide an estimate via pictures/email?

We can often estimate a smaller repair via email if you provide us with a good selection of pictures and/or a video, but for a more accurate estimate please do contact us to arrange an appointment to visit our premises.

When can you book me in?

We recommend at least 2-4 weeks minimum notice for booking of a small repair. Larger repairs/restorations will join our waiting list - please contact us for an estimate and our availability.

What is your hourly rate for body repair work?

We are £75 + VAT per hour for body repair work, with discounts available for longer term restoration projects.

Can you collect/deliver my vehicle?

We have our own covered vehicle transporter and can provide a quotation for transport - please contact us for more information.

Can you arrange a courtesy car?

We are able to arrange a courtesy vehicle for you - please contact us for more information.

Can you carry out wheel alignment on my vehicle after accident damage?

Yes, we have full in-house 4 wheel computerised wheel alignment equipment.

Do you offer an anti-corrosion warranty?

We offer a 5 year anti-corrosion warranty on all bare metal restorations, subject to an on-site inspection of the vehicle body being carried out annually - please contact us for more information.