Underbody Restoration

Premium underbody coatings - applied after epoxy primer
to provide the best possible resistance to corrosion

Our premium underbody restoration process starts with a thorough strip down of the vehicle into its component parts, removal of all old underbody coatings/sealer and stripping/blasting the underside back to bare metal.

Following this, if significant fabrication is required on the body, it is put in to a temporary weld-through anti-corrosion primer.

Once all welding is completed, the vehicle is cleaned or blasted back to fresh bare metal to remove any surface contaminants, and is applied with a zinc rich epoxy primer as a sealer. We then apply a conventional anti-corrosion epoxy primer as a secondary barrier.

Following the epoxy primer, either a sprayable sealer to replicate some original manufacturer coatings, or a flexible 'bedliner' product is used which can be sprayed in a standard black finish or tinted to match the exterior body colour.

Once the underbody coating has cured, we apply a thick cavity wax at high pressure in to all enclosed box sections as required - providing a self-healing flexible barrier to protect against moisture ingress and prevent corrosion.

To complete the restoration, we blast all underbody parts with a fine media and coat them with an anti-corrosive epoxy paint which leaves an OEM look and finish to the parts - providing excellent resistance to the elements.

Underseal Protection & Treatment

Preservation and protection using carefully selected products to treat corrosion and seal the existing vehicle body/suspension components

For vehicles with a minimal amount of surface rust and in generally good condition, it is possible to remove the loose corrosion and treat the affected areas with a suitable gel or acid type rust converter product, leaving for 24 hours to neutralise the corroded metal sections.

Once treated, the vehicle is thoroughly masked as required before the application of an epoxy primer to seal the bare metal areas, followed by a spray-on flexible underbody coating.

After curing, the enclosed box sections/chassis rails are injected at high pressure with a cavity wax to protect against internal corrosion, followed by a water resistant lanolin coating which is applied to the underbody and all suspension/running gear. This provides a barrier against moisture build-up, preventing further corrosion.