Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Vintage, classic & retro car tyres supplied and fitted,
computerised four wheel alignment for classic, prestige and exotic vehicles

Our fully equipped tyre bay and dedicated four post wheel alignment ramp allow us to fit/balance a vast range of tyres, and ensure a top quality alignment is carried out every time.

We can carry out either a standard four wheel alignment where front and rear toe settings are adjusted to a very fine tolerance, or if required perform a full suspension geometry setup including adjustment of caster and camber along with front/rear toe. We also road test every vehicle to ensure the steering wheel is straight/the vehicle drives correctly before handover to the customer.

When fitting tyres, we deep clean each wheel inside and out with a specialist wheel cleaner, remove wheel weight sticker residue and replace the valves prior carefully fitting the tyre and balancing.

We have the facilities to balance a wide range of rare wheel types, from wire wheels to large diameter vintage wheels, solid centre wheels and even early VW Beetle large PCD wheels (5x205).

Our network of suppliers allows us to source a huge range of tyres from stock, including rare sizes of vintage tyres, classic Michelin 'X' radials, through to premium brand tyres for more modern vehicles from Michelin, Pirelli, Continental and many more.

Tyre & Alignment Services Pricing

Tyre Replacement & Wheel Balancing

From £25 inc VAT (per wheel)

Customer supplied tyres fitted for £25 inc VAT each.

Contact us for a quotation for supply and fit options (we can source all types of tyre from vintage to modern day performance tyres).

Price includes deep cleaning of the wheel inside and out, removal of all wheel weights and glue residue, fitment of new valves.

We can balance most wheel types including vintage type large diameter wheels, wire wheels and solid centre wheels.

4 Wheel Computerised Alignment

From £120 inc VAT

We use the latest 4 wheel computer aligner to correct the vehicle's toe to a very high tolerance (far above the level that any standard garage works to).

To guarantee the quality of the alignment, we road test every vehicle to verify the end result is to our standard before handing over to the customer.

Additional charges may also apply for seized adjusters if required at our standard hourly rate.

Full Suspension Geometry Setup

From £250 inc VAT

Our full geometry setup includes adjustment of the castor, camber and toe to bring the alignment within a tight tolerance of the original specification or to the customers own specification as required.

As per the standard 4 wheel alignment option, all vehicles are road tested before the alignment is signed off to ensure the end result is to our standard.

Additional charges may also apply for seized adjusters if required at our standard hourly rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit customers supplied tyres?

Yes, we can fit customer supplied new tyres, but do not fit part-worn tyres under any cirucmstances.

Can you supply a specific tyre make/type?

Yes, we have a number of tyre suppliers we deal with to allow us to supply premium brands such as Michelin, Pirelli and Continental, along with a full range of historic and motorsport tyres.

Do you charge for tyre disposal?

We charge £2.50 + VAT per tyre for disposal if the customer leaves their old tyres with us.

What is your hourly rate for mechanical work?

We are £85 + VAT per hour for mechanical work, with discounts available for longer term restoration projects and trade customers.

Can you fit tyres/carry out an alignment whilst I wait?

We are not able to provide 'while you wait' bookings, we carry out repairs to a standard and not to a time, which makes a service-garage style approach impractical. We are happy to drop you off to the nearest train station if required.

Can you arrange a courtesy car?

We are able to arrange a courtesy vehicle for you - please contact us for additional information.